Pharos Switchable Smart Glass Technology

The field of switchable materials is ever expanding, with Pharos switchable smart glass Technology.

Switchable glass can be used for many applications including

Architectural and vehicle windows, aircraft windows, skylights and sunroofs. Related

to glazing are applications for low-information-content displays for the presentation

of information. Switchable windows rely on a variety of processes and materials.

Pharos Glass company Team have developed dynamic glazing Laboratory with researching new materials and processing it

We improve these products Switchable glazing for building and vehicle application was

very attractive to customers. Conventional glazing only offers fixed transmittance and control of

energy passing through it. Given the wide range of illumination conditions and glare,

dynamic glazing with adjustable transmittance offers the best solution.

Applications and Features for Switchable Glass:

·      Living Room

By installing switch glass in your living room you can easily enjoy both openness and private space all at the flip of a switch . all it an be used as a LCD movie screen for a home theater, all needs to be added is a rear projection projector.

·      Shower Booth

Smart glass can be used for a partition in a shower stall or a toilet closet so that the room is both functional and elegant

·      Windows

Smart glass provides 100% privacy but will also allow light in to keep the room well lit. also, both switch glass and switch film block more than 99% of UV rays which are harmful and furnishings

·      Kitchens

Smart Glass creates dynamic and unique spaces in any environment


·      Building , hotels and Offices

Hotel building exterior, department store, restaurant, show window, conference room. It is common to use smart switchable glass in hotels and other luxury accommodations to maximize space and privacy. Also the applications of switch glass bring a feeling of exclusivity as well as high-end technology.

·      Conference Room & meeting Room

Many firms enjoy all of the benefits of smart glass in their situation room board room, or conference room. This is popular in government and corporate settings. Especially when integrated into a full automation system.

·      Shops

Self-Adhesive film is popular for advertising purpose on store front retail and shopping malls

·      Screen and Interactive


Landmark Buildings, show room windows, conference room, Retails

Pharos Smart Switchable Glass Configuration:

·      Maximum Size: 1,200 X 3,000 mm

·      Minimum Size : 200 X 300 mm

·      Weight : approximately 30Kg/m²

·      Thickness : Various from 8.8 mm for single laminated and from 20mm double glazed units

·      Electrical characteristic : Operating Voltage ( > 50 VAC<110 VAC ) , Frequency Range ( 50~60HZ) , Amperage ( 100 mA per Square meter for 100V ), Power Consumption (7W per Square meter for 110V )

·      Switching Speed : Less than 1 Second

·      From Frosted to Clear : 100 Milliseconds

·      From Clear to Frosted : 400 Milliseconds

·      Visible Angle : 130˚

·      Glass Type : Standard annealing , Reflective , Low-E Glass and Tended Glass

·      Warranty : 4 Years

·      Control : Wall Switch , Remote Control , Hand Held Switch , Timer

Advantages And Benefits of using pharos smart switchable glass:

·        Instant and precise privacy control

·        Efficient use of space in the built environment

·        Blocks 99.5+% of damaging UV rays

·        Eco friendly

·        Exceptional optical qualities that reduce glare and eye strain

·        High durability, solid state technology with no moving parts to wear out or break

·        Large sizes of many shapes can be produced

·        Stable colour characteristics for the life of the unit

·        Aesthetically pleasing, hygienic & low maintenance

·        Reduce uncomfortable “ Gold Fish Bowl “ feeling when working in high density office buildings

·        High UV stability

·        Low working Voltage

·        High Contrast for use as rear projection screen

·        Long life – tasted to in excess of 1,000,000 Cycles

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