The Biggest and Most Advanced glass processor factory in the western Region of Saudi Arabia

Company Overview

Pharos Glass Factory is located on the western coast of Saudi Arabia which would not just bring us closer to one of the fastest growing cities in the Kingdom, but also expanding our name internationally. Therefore, we are proud to be the largest glass processing factory in the region. A spacious factory of 10,000sqm occupies the world most advanced glass handling system to ensure the best quality of glass processing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to seek continuous improvement in everything we do. We are operating our business in a way that safeguards the well-being of our projects and our customers. We strive to give you, our customers, the latest, best and most innovative technology and the best Glass Products which will allow you to stay in the forefront in your industry at a cost that gives you maximum economic value. In a short time The Pharos Glass Company has been the leader in Glass Field. Our Brand Name is known worldwide as the industry standard in glass products. We appreciate your interest in our products and we hope Pharos’s glass Company products will continue to play an important role as you pursue your love of glass field.

Our Vision 

For Long Time, architects, designers and contactors throughout the world have come to rely on our proven expertise to Make Pharos the company to go to when it comes to exploring a variety of glazing options. We invite you to sit down, tell us your thoughts, and together we’ll come up with a way to make it all work.

Count on Pharos Glass to Always Meet your Exceed

Your Specifications our Intelligent Quality Assurance Program –ensures the quality of every piece of glass. Using our own patented inspection systems,we thoroughly examine the glass from start to finish.