• All quoted prices are based on the information you have provided us at the time of quoting. Any changes that affect lead times, cutting yields,
  • project performance dates, project volumes, etc., may require a price adjustment.
  • Final shape charges will be determined upon receipt of details supplied at time of ordering.
  • Pharos will guarantee quotations for 15 days unless otherwise specified.


  • A booking order must be signed before Pharos orders any raw materials.
  • All non-stock raw materials will be pre-ordered based on the volumes indicated on the booking order. Any change in product type or volumes
  • will result in a charge back to the customer.
  • Purchase orders must be placed for all glass releases. The purchase order must include reference to the booking order number or the project
  • name.
  • Confirmation will be sent for each purchase order. Review the delivery date to ensure the site will be ready to receive the order on that date.
  • Orders held at shipping may incur additional charges.
  • Pharos’s products are covered by a limited warranty.


  • Pricing is valid for performance dates indicated. Any change in performance dates may result in a pricing adjustment.
  • Pricing is quoted at the volumes indicated. Pharos reserves the right to adjust pricing if volumes are not met.
  • All pricing is calculated by rounding sizes up to the next even Centemeter (block size), with the exception of all shapes and templates, which,
  • depending on glass thickness, will have 6 to 20 centemeter added to the block size.
  • Energy surcharge is included.
  • Delivery is included for the number of releases indicated on the quote. Any additional releases will incur extra delivery charges and/or spandrel
  • and ceramic frit setup charges.
  • Shape charges are not included in the square meter pricing and will be charged separately.
  • All edgework , drilling and fabrication are extra unless indicated on quotation provided.


  • All units are dual sealed with Butyl and Polysulfide except as indicated on booking order and all subsequent purchase orders.
  • Unless otherwise specified, roll wave distortion will run parallel to the width of the glass. Sizes on the purchase order are assumed to be width
  • x height, as per industry standard. Exception: Any glass requiring heat treatment that is over 170” wide, or less than 35” high will be rotated
  • and will no longer have a roll-wave pattern that is parallel to the width. If distortion is of a concern Pharos recommends the viewing of a full-
  • size mock-up prior to the order being processed.
  • Heat treated laminated glass may have inherent visual distortion. If your project uses this glass type a full size mock-up is advised. This mock-
  • up should be approved before the order is processed.
  • A technical bulletin discussing visual distortion and another on Argon use is available for reference
  • Pharos shall not be liable for any errors or omissions in glass specifications.
  • Pharos’s glass products are manufactured to meet the following Saudi Arabian standards


  • Claims for breakage on delivery or for manufacturing defects must be made within 24 hours of delivery.
  • Pharos does not warrant thermal stress breakage. It is the responsibility of the architect and/or the glazing contractor to determine the
  • suitability of the product specified for a particular use.

By ordering product from Pharos Glass Company you agree to these terms and conditions.

FOR MORE INFO PLEASE CONTACT ( info@pharosglass.com ).