PharosGlass Company ., (“Pharos”), 40 Street, Industrial City ( Modon ), Al Madinah Al Munawarah, KSA, warrants upon, and subject to the following terms and conditions that if material obstruction of vision resulting from the accumulation of dust or moisture between, or staining on, the interior glass surfaces of a Pharos Insulating Glass Unit (the “Unit”) should occur during a period of five (5) years from date of manufacture of the Unit (the “Warranty Period”), depending on the type of Unit and its application, it will within a reasonable time, at its option, either refund the purchase price of the Unit, or provide a replacement Unit (or, if the product is no longer available, a replacement suitable in the sole opinion of Pharos, that constitutes a comparable replacement). F.O.B. Pharos In no event willsPharos’s liability exceeds the purchase price of the Unit.

All Claims under this warranty must be made in writing to Pharos and be accompanied by proof of purchase.

Pharos reserves the right to inspect, in the field, any insulated glass unit that is alleged to be defective in order to confirm the validity of the warranty claim. If Pharos elects to replace the defective glass, Pharos will not be liable for any other expenses, including, but not limited to, removal of the defective unit, installation of replacement unit, any labour, materials, and/or any other damages, including incidental, indirect, special, or consequential damages. Further, the warranty of the replacement unit will be limited to the remainder of the warranty period of the original Unit.

THISWARRANTY SHALL BE VOID IN EACH OF THE FOLLOWING CIRCUMSTANCES: (1) if the glass fractures or breaks from any cause, or if seal failure is caused by such fracturing or breakage, or, (2) if any breather tubes in the Unit have not been properly crimped and sealed within ten (10) days after ship date from Pharos, or, (3) if the Unit is damaged by improper shipping, handling, or storage, or strain caused by movement of the framing or building, or if the Unit is not installed in accordance with the recommendations made by the Insulated Glass Manufacturers Association, or, (4) if the Unit is installed in conjunction with thermal drapes or similar devices, or if blinds or other window shading devices have not been installed with the proper clearances or if any film, sign or similar device is applied to any surface of the Unit, or,(5) if the Unit contains film opacifier, or, (6) if the Unit is used in a watercraft, land vehicles, trailers, swimming pool enclosures, saunas, greenhouses, zoos, solar collectors or any installation where the unit is subjected to mechanical stress, heat or humidity that is in excess of the conditions normally experienced in conventional applications, or, if the Unit has been installed in such a manner that adequate allowance has not been made for expansion and contraction of the Unit and its supporting structure, or, (7) if the Unit is installed with incompatible glazing or other materials, or, (8) if the Unit is used in any sloped glazing (tilted inward or outward in excess if fifteen (15) degrees from vertical), or, if the Unit does not have four (4) 90 degree corners, or, (9) if the Unit is subjected to unusual treatment, conditions or exposure including, but not limited to, spattering from welding, grinding, sandblasting or other sub-trade work, or if the unit is damaged by wind-borne debris or otherwise subjected to abnormal weather and environmental conditions including but not limited to acid rain, or, (10) if the Unit, or the area surrounding the unit, is subjected to improper cleaning including, but not limited to, abrasive cleaners, stiff brushes, sharp objects, strong alkalis, acids, or other chemicals or cleaning materials which do not comply with National Standard Glass Cleaners.

Pharos makes no claims to the Purchaser or any third party on the design of the Unit. Buyer assumes all responsibility for ensuring that the product is appropriate for the intended application.

This Warranty is extended only to and may be relied upon only by the person who has purchased the Unit directly from Pharos
(the “Purchaser”), and any claim hereunder may be made solely by the Purchaser and not by any sub-purchaser. Pharos will have no obligation or liability under this Warranty until payment in full by the Purchaser has been made and only if such payment is made full on or prior to the date on which such payment is due.
This Warranty is not transferable without prior written consent of Pharos, which consent may be withheld entirely in its discretion, and any attempted assignment without such prior written consent shall void this Warranty. The Purchaser has no power or authority to transfer this Warranty or to bind Pharos to any liability whatsoever to any other person. No other person (including subsidiaries, agents, dealers, distributors, contractors or installers of Pharos) has any authority to bind Pharos with any representation or warranty whether oral or written.
Pharos shall not be liable under this Warranty for personal injury, loss, claims, property damage, or labour, material or other costs (whether special, consequential, incidental or otherwise), and this Warranty is the Purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy against Pharos. Pharos specifically disclaims liability under any theory of law arising out of the installation or performance of or damages sustained by or caused by products not furnished by Pharos. Pharos further disclaims any liability arising from the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose as provided in the Sale of Goods or at any applicable legislation or rule of law.


Pharos’s failure to enforce any of the terms or conditions stated herein shall not be construed as a waiver of such provision or of any other terms or conditions of this Warranty.